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        Perfect quality inspection system:

        1.ISO 9001Authentication

        2.Perfect internal quality inspection and three party inspection

        3.IDEA, ERAI, SMTA And GIDEP Members

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        The agency and distribution model enables us to create a totally unique purchasing experience for our customers. We have established a global procurement and sales team, directly from the world's more than 1700 original plant manufacturers and other authorized distribution channels to the most favorable price for the purchase of materials for more than 3000 customers to provide the most efficient and effective solution.

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        Our management, sales team, technical team and operations team are committed to provide customers with world-class, quality, reliable, satisfactory service. Our team at headquarters (United States Losangeles and China Shenzhen) or our local sales offices (Suzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hongkong) are all very happy to provide you with quotations, orders, technical problems or general inquiry services.

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          Powerv Electronics is a strong globalsupplier of electronic components, having both agents and distributionbusiness; it operates short active components (diodes, transistor, IC, varioustypes of integrated circuit and memory) and short passive components (capacitors,resistors, inductors, etc.), having tens of thousands of count of inventory of shortcomponents, while it uses advanced e-commerce platform,sound storage, transportation, quality inspection, and other train services tohelp global manufacturer of electronic to access short electronic components,and to meet production need with low cost and the fastest speed. Currently withbranch offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese Shenzhen,Suzhou, Wuhan and other places, it established good and lasting businesspartnerships with many big global electronic contract manufacturers.


          Powerv Electronics not only ensures customer's stable production with supply of large stock inventory, but also provides more customers with a low-cost stable supply of high quality through global supply pipeline. And it provides transshipment service of unpopular short materials. Powerv electronics has no quantity restriction of minimum order, and accepts customer's orders of pre-production materials and samples, enabling customers to minimize the number of suppliers in supplier chain management and to optimize the management structure.


          Currently and previous served positions:

          Powerv Group, CEO, Group Director

          GTEC International, the chairman (previous)

          Symmetry Electronics, the chairman of Pacific Rim region (previous)

          LeCroy, overall responsible person of European and Middle East region (previous)

          Valence Semiconductors, Vice President of European and the Middle East region (previous)

          Western Digital (WD), general manager of the international sales department (previous)

          Western Digital (WD), the US sales and marketing director (previous)

          Ben Orenstein

          Dual Masterof Business Administration and Electronic Engineering

          Engaging inhigh-tech industry for more than 25 years, building and managing sales channelsin the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim, having led salesteam with outstanding achievements

          Having extensiveexperience in the fields of business development, customization and the implementationof marketing strategy


        Service Items
        Service Items

        • Shortage of device search

           In addition to available reserves in warehouse, we also have excess inventories of global more than 800 distribu

        • Cost reduction program

          Joint procurement
          Joint procurem

        • Inventory digestion

          We are committed tohelp improve inventory turns and capital utilization, and t

        • Joint procurement programme

          We will integrate allcustomer groups o

        • Small batch with single service

          More and more electronic design engineersare faced with challenges that R & D projects are many, the developmentcycle is short, a

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